Why Training Luxury?

In Training Luxury we share passion for products, people and exemplary work ethic. We go to work thinking that we are doing something that we love: this is our secret. For this reason it is more natural for us to inspire people to do things that inspire them. That is for us the most wonderful thing in the world.


What we do

“TRAINING LUXURY” is an international company with a group of specialists in training and coaching in the luxury industry. We are specialized in training programs aimed to achieve excellent customer experience and business growth in retail. For us “ Training Luxury” means to prepare people in the retail and service areas to exceed expectations and to improve team cooperation.

Today’s business is all about results. Our proven track record shows how sales turnover, profitability and customer satisfaction are important to us. At the same time we care about values, ethic and working in multicultural environment. We prepare company leaders, commercial and service managers in a pragmatic yet engaging way, helping them to overcome the challenges of the contemporary business environment.


Who we are

We feel partners for our clients, more than consultants. We have a long commercial experience acquired in the field at international level with concrete business results and we offer to our clients the same pragmatic approach. Being extremely passionate about people development, enables us to support the new leaders to make the difference in their current business environment.

We analyse, we implement an action program and we follow up. We believe in execution. Every course that we design is aimed to create a unique experience for the participants. Working side by side with our clients and customising every program based on their needs, leads our programs to be practical and fitting our clients’ business needs. We work at international level delivering programs in several different languages.

Also available in: Español (Spanish)