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  • Training Luxury Taipei

    “Unconscious bias”​ in luxury retail

    Unconscious bias are social stereotypes about group of people outside their own conscious awareness. They are in general known about…


  • Customers look for experiences in luxury stores, not products

    It is a complication period for the luxury industry. The sector is experiencing positive growth, but there is a gap…

  • harrods training luxury the song remains the same led zeppelin

    And For Luxury Retail…The Song Remains The Same

    A few weeks ago I was having an interesting conversation with the CEO of a well known company. He asked…

  • training luxury acdc

    Luxury Retail: It’s a Long Way to the Top (if you wanna rock’n’roll)

    The luxury industry is experiencing a difficult year. With a few exceptions, the majority of the brands are reviewing their…

  • Why Paris attack will have a further negative impact on luxury industry

    It’s not a secret that recent global social and economic turmoil are heavily affecting luxury. After China and Russia, the…

  • emotional-intelligence-training-luxury

    Flight Attendants Emotional Intelligence and Company Procedures

    I was traveling with a low cost airline a few weeks ago in a late evening flight. The aircraft was…

  • Lies about women, multitasking and performance

    Lies about women, multitasking and performance

    Have you ever found yourself attending a conference call, answering e-mail e posting your thoughts on twitter at the same…

  • The new luxury customer relies more on his own experience

    Someone asked me to translate into English this article published on Fashion United on April 18th. Here is the link…

  • nuevo cliente del lujo - Training Luxury

    El nuevo cliente del lujo confía más en su propia experiencia

    Entrevista hecha por A.S. Castro en Fashion United 15/4/2015 Los hábitos de consumo de productos de lujo está dando un…