• A few words with a Retail Management Expert

    Interview on The Fashion Retailer by Alfonso Segura, 15 June 2020 A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about The Future of…

  • Training Luxury

    Is the word ‘experience’​ over abused?

    I tend to believe that often the word “experience” is abused. That goes often together to the fact, that the…

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    Retail de moda: consejos para futuros candidatos por Training Luxury

    Desde: Fashion United, entrevista de Anne-Sophie Castro|Martes, 17 Diciembre 2019   Con el año nuevo se suelen sumar nuevas resoluciones…

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    “Unconscious bias”​ in luxury retail

    Unconscious bias are social stereotypes about group of people outside their own conscious awareness. They are in general known about…

  • Lusso: cambiano i processi per assumere il personale

      Scritto da Isabella Naef Le aziende di selezione del personale non devono più basarsi esclusivamente sul curriculum vitae e…

  • El proceso de selección en el mundo del lujo

    Hoy, en los procesos de selección, hay que dar un enfoque diferente. “La selección basada en el currículum tradicional ya…

  • Customers look for experiences in luxury stores, not products

    It is a complication period for the luxury industry. The sector is experiencing positive growth, but there is a gap…

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    And For Luxury Retail…The Song Remains The Same

    A few weeks ago I was having an interesting conversation with the CEO of a well known company. He asked…