7 Lives bag: Mantico Introduces the Ultimate Italian Trend – Interview with Michele Pozzo

Training Luxury Mantico

What is a 7 lives bag? In the pursue for innovation, even a bag transforms itself into something that goes beyond its use as simple accessory. This is Mantico, as it is explained by his founder Michele Pozzo in this interesting talk with us.

Michele Pozzo, comes from a multifaceted background set by 13 years within different fashion multinational organizations. His latest project, Mantico, wants to present a bag as an imaginary container to store all our experiences: dynamic, eclectic, a practical dreamer.  “We want to combine pure “italianity” with inspirations coming from different cultures”.


Why did you decide to create Mantico brand? What interested you in making comfort and elegant bags?

Mantico is not just a product but is much more than this. It’s a philosophy that grew years ago into my head. I couldn’t find a bag which was practical and stylish at the same time. I therefore thought for a while how to combine usefulness and casual in order to create such a sophisticated and understated bag.

How would you define Mantico concept? 

The idea of Mantico is to bring together the professional perspective and the artistic and creative attitude getting as an outcome a product and a philosophy that can fit in different worlds.

I grew up in Biella, a city well known for the textile industry and I worked all my life in fashion world. Therefore, a taste for high quality fabrics has always been in my DNA, and by applying the principles coming from my textile background I created Mantico zayno. All the bags are produced with natural fibres, with the exception of the Mantizo zayno Cyclist and Outdoor addicted versions, produced in polyester.


What makes Mantico bags different from any  other bags brands?

Mantico doesn’t want to be just a bag brand. It is a philosophy that integrates dynamic style, travel and outdoor activities.


What are your inspirations in creating your designs?

I had two main inspirations.

On the one hand, I was thinking about the urban use. Mantico design is much more focused on a garment rather than on an accessory. It’s like the way you would choose your everyday jeans, jacket or shoes.

On the other hand, my passion for mountains and the outdoor helped me to think how important is for a  for a product to be light and comfortable . Indeed, the bag can contain several things because of its vertical development. Its sinuous shape allows the bag to adapts automatically to any body shape for a customized fit, like a made-to-measure suit.


Who is the typical Mantico customer?

Mantico zayno bag is unisex but distinctive. We believe that everyone of us lives multiple lives. A person can be artistic, trendy, and urban at the same time. Therefore, a lot of perspectives appear in different life scenes. Every scene is connected with one bag, but this doesn’t mean that one aspect of the personality excludes the others. The most remarkable thing is that behind our bag there is a person who lives up to 7 lives everyday


What is today Mantico distribution strategy?

Mantico has not just online presence. We started the collaboration with top multi brand stores in Italy. Domestic market development will be key to spread the brand later at an international level.


You actively collaborate with Training Luxury in several project. How your two roles integrate?

I share with Training Luxury the pursue of excellence and the spirit of creating something valuable for organisations and people. That is perfectly in line with my spirit and the spirit of Mantico. Our collaboration is therefore very natural. I believe that people are key in contemporary business and just by supporting them in the right way and with the right tools, you can make the difference.

Interview by Marta Cuní