Renato Mosca voted one of best invited professors at International University of Monaco


Renato Mosca has been teaching “Audit of the Luxury Service” during the last years at IUM (International University of Monaco) and voted as one of the best invited professors for the third year in a row.

The program he delivers,  “Audit of the Luxury Service” , gives an overview of what happens in the universe of luxury, both from the customer and the company perspectives. In fact, not always luxury establishments have a full understanding of the state of mind of the final customer. Furthermore, often companies do not create the conditions for their front line people to perform at their best. Luxury retail and hospitality have certain peculiarities that differentiate the sectors. At the same time, when it comes to customer engagement there are similarities.

The program analyses the key aspects of the luxury values but under a practical implication: how to make those concepts alive in the sales process (or better the “ceremony”). It also gives a view on the  multi-cultural aspects of the sale. The cultural background of customer plays a crucial role in the interaction with the sales associate, especially tourist destination stores. Finally, it approaches the tools to evaluate customers service and how luxury companies should make a good use of them in real life.

IUM interviewed Renato Mosca and it was the occasion for an open conversation. Renato gave is view on what means today customer experience and retail management. Also it was a good opportunity for some recommendations to the students approaching the master.

New successful leaders are not the ones who just do what they like. They are paid to be able to manage the environment around them. Even the difficult ones. Therefore, for the students this become a unique opportunity to “train” what they are going to experience soon in the workplace.

Read the full interview on the IUM website.