SIlent quitters are moving faster

33% of the employees are thinking about to change their job in Italy by the end of the year. This is what emerges from an article of Corriere della Sera based on the report of Kelly, a head hunting company .
The key reason for this drastic decision?
Find a balance between work and private life. In Italy, it seems that 27% of the employees experience a feeling of constant emergency in their workplace. They feel like they are asked always to do more with less resources.
People who decide to stay often fall in another contemporary phenomenon: ‘quiet quitting’. A huge 34% do the least that they can on the job without taking initiative. They survive in the workplace.
These figures should sound like an alarm against the trend of several companies starting having people back to the main offices 5 days per week. Not taking into consideration the work/life balance, that became essential for several employees after the pandemic, could be an obstacle to recruit and retain talents.
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