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Renato does not present himself as a guru, as a holy man to ask for magical potions that solve difficulties. He is more the voice of conscience, the talking cricket that wakes up the sleeping talents of each of us and makes you reflect on the reason of some unsuccessful choices. It makes you be better. Because he knows exactly how to talk to you.

I used Training Luxury in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico in the past 4 years and will hire their services again in the future. Training Luxury always provides my team with up to date and innovative market perspectives and sector specific new trend info. But what makes the difference it’s the passion and experience of it s founder , Mr. Renato Mosca, both unique and of great value.

Compared to classic consultants, I appreciated the hand-on approach of Training luxury. Their approach is highly collaborative. They supported us with periodic follow up showing commitment and interest to help us also after the delivery. Their input strongly contributed to improve our overall store results.

We selected Training Luxury for their flexible and personalized approach to both the preparation and delivery of our training. The training course was adapted fully to meet our needs and goals, and Daniele brilliantly delivered all intended messages to the team. I would recommend Training Luxury to anyone who is looking for an individual, hands-on and practical approach to training with a company that understands luxury inside out.

I have been knowing Renato Mosca for 20 years and worked with him and Training Luxury Specialists on consultancy projects and training programs during the last few years. What stands out about them is the knowledge of the luxury business and the hands on approach that is extremely useful when dealing with the retail environment. I found extremely interesting the way that they tend to link she shopping experience with the company values. Training Luxury acts as an authentic business partner, as they are supporting and following up during the entire process

I would like to thank Renato and compliment him and his team once again for the support during my time in Luxottica. Training Luxury has a level of preparation and professionalism that together with a distinctive style and clear communication skills make every workshop or training session very effective and successful. I’m sure we will work together again in the future.