Executive coaching has become an essential tool for professional development.

A true leader is the one who understands that, in order to reach success, it’s fundamental to grow your team. Our executive coaching service focuses on helping managers and/or high potential managers to improve their performance.

Through executive coaching, we help people to explore the business with different perspectives and to formulate a specific, measurable and realistic action plan. We are aware of the current economic situation and that results are important. This is why we want to work closely with people and companies. Our approach allows individual to achieve meaningful results in a relatively short time.

Being qualified MBTI® practitioners, we use this tool to improve the teams efficiency, develop better interpersonal relationships and to manage and solve conflicts. We use also MBTI® as an indicator that helps managing change and career development more than as a personality test.

All our coaches had long previous experience in the business. This helps them also to understand better the reality of the managers and the business implications of their behaviours.