Our courses are experiential as participants explore and live the contents of the programs. There is a strong element of learning by doing. The programs are practical and yet, they have a solid research background from Neuroscience to neuro-marketing, from participative management to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Topics and activities are designed to fit each client’s situation and industry. This allows people to practice real-life situations, in a safe and confidential environment. That is why every single course is created custom made for our clients and we do not offer any course as a static, “ready made” product. Every company has its own peculiarity and needs.  Therefore, we believe in a “made to measure” approach to identify what’s important for the client and at what stage of change, transformation or development the company finds itself in that moment.

We facilitate the learning process by using inductive techniques, encouraging participants to discover their own solutions. Then, this is taken a step further where participants learn from each other by sharing their experiences.

We focus on positive outcome, so that the participants can compare their improvement for themselves.by top level specialized trainers

Luxury Sales Training

Leadership Training

Benefits for our clients

  • Immediate applicability of the learning in the workplace
  • Measurable increase of sales turnover, people engagement and talent retention
  • Innovative content and background investigations with practical implementation in the training
  • Creation of total training “package” from the research, to the “tailor-made” program to follow, measurement and gap closing
  • Training to be delivered in most of the major languages