Current market is striving for excellence and yet the job interviews have not changed much over the years.

Recruitment processes take too long and the business can’t wait. Furthermore, often candidates CV are piled up by the recruiters and introduced without a clear understanding of company culture and working environment. No doubts why people turnover increases.

In addition, several recruitment companies do not offer a personalized approach based on the specific requirements of the companies. As you know in consumer goods, luxury and retail, excellence lies in the little details. It makes the difference.

We felt this gap when we were working in the business and that’s why we want to support serious organizations in achieving their goal to improve profitability while hiring and developing talent.


  • Made to measure service
  • High speed quality process (average of 40-50% faster than reference market average)
  • Hiring Protection Service” to guarantee company investments
  • High specialization achieved on the field
  • Support identifying and clearly defining core values, needs and requirements for any position
  • Focus the search to find the best fit based on position, working environment and company culture
  • Help companies to identify the core competencies for each position in line with the company values
  • International service.

The specialization of our senior recruiters supports organizations to identify key company values. Consequently, we help them to structure interviews and assessment processes to verify those values with candidates.

For the most demanding clients, we offer also simple yet sophisticated personal assessment for the candidates.

We combine focus on client and strategic vision for the business.

Business needs to move fast and we want to help you invest your precious time in the best way.

We want to build real long-term relationship with our clients and we are ready to invest with them on the candidates.

That’s why we offer a “Hiring Protection Service” . We give the possibility to our clients to choose the best way to protect their investment in the people they are hiring.

We offer an additional guarantee to the client: they can get the money back if they are not satisfied with the candidate*

         *(within agreed terms)


Also available in: Español (Spanish)