The current market is striving for excellence, yet job interviews have not changed much over the years.

Our goal is to support companies to identify the right fit for their positions in order to create stimulating and developing working environments.

For this reason, we do not suggest candidates based just on competency models. We want to find the best match. That’s why in Training Luxury we want to work as a boutique recruitment company, offering a “made to measure” custom service to our clients.

The strong experience of our specialists, achieved working in luxury business, retail & consumer good sectors, allows us to understand current business environment and challenges and to find the right solutions with clients in pragmatic, effective and creative ways.

Thanks to a direct network with people of the industries we specialize in, we are able to help companies to find the best candidates for them in a relatively short time.

We specialize in professional recruitment service putting together companies and talents, using hunting strategies.

Dedication to our clients

  • Made-to-measure service
  • High specialization achieved in the field
  • Support identifying and clearly defining core values, needs and requirements for any position
  • Focus the search to find the best fit based on position, working environment and company culture
  • Help identifying the core competencies for each position in line with the company values
  • International service – geography is not a limit
  • Hiring Protection Service” to guarantee company investments