The development of online business has created a new challenge for traditional retail.

Opening a store doesn’t guarantee immediate sales and profitability. Often, shop owners find themselves not having the right skills to manage the product, the personnel and the business in the right way. Buying processes still rely on a very emotional background, without a cold analysis of figures and performances. The visual merchandising of the store is often managed by creative people, who are unable to find the right balance between alluring the customer and achieving sales. The recruitment process for personnel is often done in a superficial way. The customer journey is left to the discretion of the sales associate without knowing what to communicate to the final customer. Also, integrating online and offline processes to achieve digital integration is another factor.

Our consulting services aim to support the business with a methodic approach. Thanks to our international experience, achieved on the field, we support the store management in improving sales performances, margins, profitability and customer retention.  

Our experts know the retail business dynamics. Simply setting goals doesn’t mean that they will be hit. With our pragmatic approach, we’ll help the stores and the companies to consistently execute the processes needed to exceed their targeted goals month after month.

We work putting “consistency” and “execution” as targets giving a good look at change management. The business environment is moving constantly and we are aware that tomorrow there will be another goal to achieve and probably the same tools probably won’t be enough.