Customer Experience Retail Safari is an innovative workshop that combines classroom activities and market visit. It is especially recommended for those companies that have the necessity to renew their focus and become more modern.

The business environment continues to evolve. Customer have higher expectations than in the past. Therefore, companies need to manage their business, ensuring customer experience without losing sight of profitability goals.

What could you learn from a hair dressing salon selling vintage clothes or from a stylish restaurant where you could buy fresh flowers and home furniture?

For today’s companies, it is fundamental to step out of their comfort zone and think at more creative ways to grant memorable experiences to their customers.

This is not just “retailtainment”. It’s how the “experience economy” is challenging even the more consolidated businesses. It’s key to bring the customer to the center of the commercial activities.

 Global Business Trends

  • The consumer is a rebel and wants to escape from brand commercial manipulation
  • The consumer becomes the main actor
  • The consumer is more selective and strategic
  • The consumer has an omni-channel approach
  • Change of trend from “having” to “being”

What is a Retail Safari?

RETAIL SAFARIS are guided visits in unconventional shopping experience where art combines with technology, innovation with craftsmanship and where the customer experience moves out of traditional company boundaries. It’s built up by industry or by theme. The Retail Safari is a structured process with an actionable plan supporting company seniors and middle management in thinking outside of the box and implementing a new strategy and tactics for their business.

Based on the client requirements, we research and identify stores that can be a clear representation of great and (sometimes) poor customer experience. This will support the participants learning. We define specific routes for the participants, with different stores and areas to visit. Every guided activity will stimulate self-reflection and application in the participants’ own business.