The present circumstances have underscored the urgency of developing a highly effective virtual training program. However, the virtual landscape encompasses distinct codes, language, and communication tools that differ from the physical environment.

Our virtual training adopts a wholly different approach compared to face-to-face interactions to ensure that the training is engaging, productive, and effective.

We provide a range of tailor-made learning programs for both leadership and luxury sales and retail training. Additionally, we complement our offerings with web conferences.

Moreover, the program’s duration is aligned with recent research findings on the attention span of participants. This is done to guarantee the highest level of engagement from the participants.



The concept of luxury is subjective and open to debate. Frequently, individuals selling luxury services and products may not lead luxurious lives themselves, causing them to emphasize the wrong aspects of the service.

This training program is designed for individuals employed in the luxury industry or those seeking to elevate an experience from ‘premium’ to ‘luxury.’

The program aims to support the participants into the understanding of what constitutes luxury and why it is a subjective and debatable concept. Participants will explore the evolution of luxury and the distinctions between contemporary and traditional notions of luxury. Additionally, the program seeks to clarify the benefits of luxury for various consumer types and disclose new possibilities that digitalization and the metaverse could unfold.

As participants are immersed into the conventional codes of luxury and the role of price in luxury, they will gain insights into the creation of values associated with luxury brands. The program also addresses how Generations ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ have influenced the transformation of some of these values.


Narratives tend to capture people’s attention more effectively than mere facts. They possess a higher level of engagement, but mastering the art of storytelling requires time and practice. For sales professionals aiming to boost their sales, it is crucial to understand the components of compelling storytelling and the skill of executing it effectively.

In this training program, participants will explore why stories have a greater potential to drive sales compared to highlighting product features. They will develop an understanding of how storytelling is employed across various fields to persuade and will learn to craft engaging stories that resonate with three key elements. Furthermore, they will grasp techniques for immersing customers into the narrative.

The training will support participants into the analysis of two distinct forms of storytelling: Brand storytelling and customer storytelling.

The program can be delivered online in two live sessions or face to face in one day session.


In the realm of selling luxury products or services, striking a balance between a luxurious attitude and efficiency is paramount. Professionals tasked with managing massive territories or significant customer portfolios often struggle with unclear priorities, leading them to act more emotionally than rationally.

This program aims to deepen participants’ understanding of what luxury truly entails and how they can craft a genuine luxury experience. It encourages them to reassess their enabling beliefs, fostering the ability to sell high-end products in a more refined and “luxurious” manner.

Participants will master the fundamentals of luxury segmentation,  analyzing their accounts with strategic parameters to gain a clear understanding of their priorities. They will then focus on refining the aesthetic elements of the luxury experience, mastering their skills in evocative language and developing a compelling Unique Value Proposition.

Moreover, participants will have the opportunity to enhance their influencing skills and build confidence through practical exercises based on real-life scenarios.

The program can be delivered online in four live sessions or face to face in two days session.


In today’s business landscape, where authoritative leadership is less effective than in the past, establishing strong relationships within both internal and external networks is exceptionally crucial. This training program is designed to assist participants in recognizing areas within their business where they can influence and control, thereby evaluating their current standing within the network.

Participants will gain insights into segmenting their network based on their influence with key clients and the potential for future development. They will learn to discern where to allocate more time and resources for optimal results. Understanding the drivers and personal Emotional Bank Accounts of network members is a key focus, culminating in the identification of concrete actions to enhance relationships with key network members.

Duration: In-person training – 1 day; Virtual training – 2 sessions



    1. Leadership in Virtual Teams
    2. Influential Skills
    3. Managerial Coaching
    4. Authentic Leadership
    5. Facilitating Constructive Conversations
    6. Team Dynamics
    7. Leadership with Emotional Intelligence
    8. Performance Management
    9. Team Training TechniquesLUXURY SALES TRAINING:
      1. Customer Engagement Strategies
      2. Crafting Emotional Customer Journeys
      3. Maximizing Sales Results
      4. Establishing Effective Customer Contacts
      5. Setting the Stage for Virtual Success
      6. Preparing for Ritualized Relationship Building
      7. Captivating Audiences through Storytelling